At some point in our recent history, the us president made public a statement that murder has been committed. Everybody applauded, everybody enjoined the murder commited.

The murder was on Osama bin Laden.

All christian religious liders kept their mouth shut. All christians tax payers had their hands dirty with blood of that murder.

Nobody thought that Osama had the right to a fair trial and that justice must prevail.


All nations must rise against all interest of US criminal-dumb-as-fuck-citizens

Nobody questions the us supremacy, nobody questions why the fuck united states must be destroyed. Nobody thinks that the us lifestyle is in fact the cause of all evil on earth.

There are even religious prophecies that say that SUA soil is gonna become a huge cemetery.

Will Osama be the grave digger of that cemetery?

Yes. A muslim is gonna dig christian graves, so that they, the criminal-dumb-as-fuck-citizens of SUA can have a decent death.

We, the earth’s people, must embargo all products, services, and interest of all US criminal-dumb-as-fuck-citizens

All products and services that lead to a profit margin for any US criminal-dumb-as-fuck-citizen must be over taxated – both ways, in and out.

All us companies, funds, investments must be denied worldwide. This way the world’s power will be calibrated to a more decent state.

And don’t give that crap with communism and shit like that, because I’ll tell about the prostitution, the stealing, the trade of humans done by US, and other really dirty doings of US leaders.

Your just to dumb to understand economy and business.

PS – dacă pică supremația SUA, a belit pula statul israel.

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